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A few months ago we shared a two-part series discussing the value of shared expertise. In that series we pointed out that shared expertise starts with a unified culture around data and technology becomes a facilitator.

One of the biggest opportunities with data is to build shared expertise around customers. Each person wants to be treated as an individual, with real pains and needs. In this context, Salesforce has positioned itself as a powerful tool to facilitate understanding and interaction with customers.

That is why we believe that there is great potential to generate additional value by connecting Modyo and Salesforce. Digital experiences that enable integrated data streams allow you to create better digital products, attract new customers and drive customer loyalty.

With Modyo you can create highly customized digital experiences that customers love while Salesforce feeds or triggers any relevant business processes throughout your enterprise.

That is why we have created resources to show you how you can easily connect Modyo to the Salesforce CRM using External Services and define integrated workflows between Modyo and Salesforce without writing custom code with tools like the Salesforce Flow Builder or Process Builder.

Example use cases:

  • Update lead information in Salesforce that has been stored in Modyo Customers.
  • Create new leads in Salesforce when users fill in a registration form in Modyo.
  • Push user data from Salesforce to Modyo Customers in order to create more customized digital experiences.
  • Verify data collected through Modyo by comparing the data to existing records in Salesforce.

In addition to this, it is important to note that the potential use cases are not limited to just the Salesforce Sales or Service Clouds. For example, by adding the content created in Modyo to the new Interaction Studio’s Shadow Catalog you can create highly personalized digital experiences in real-time with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

You can check out our white paper about integrating Modyo and Salesforce here.

If you'd like to learn more about how we help marketers and other key decision makers at your organization make better experiences, check our website to learn more.

Cover photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash