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We're happy to share that Modyo and Myplanet have signed a partnership agreement to build better interfaces for financial service clients. Both companies focus on designing and building digital experiences and smarter interfaces for leading companies. 

Myplanet's Focus

Myplanet's knowledge of customer journey and personalization platforms - together with their years of experience in building smarter interfaces for globally recognized organizations—will help deliver better experiences to financial institutions.

"With Myplanet, we feel there's a great fit because of their  knowledge of both DX Platforms and the front-end digital experience." 

– Mark Bonnell, CEO of Modyo.

What Myplanet brings to the partnership:

1. Valuable expertise focused on the front-end customer experience, working with globally recognized companies. 

2. A deep knowledge of Digital Experience Platforms so as to gauge how they can deliver omnichannel experiences to customers. 

3. Understanding of how to personalize the customer experience and increase measurable engagement to grow clients' revenue and market share.

Modyo's Focus

Modyo's next-generation Digital Experience Platform focuses on building Microfrontends for financial services clients. The platform connects core banking functions through APIs and Microservices to accelerate digital transformation. Banks and insurance companies in Latin America are rapidly adopting the Modyo platform as part of their architecture of reference. 

"With Modyo, we can build better, smarter interfaces for financial services clients. That translates into happier customers who are able to get things done in more assistive and agentive ways"

– Jason Cottrell, CEO of Myplanet

What Modyo brings to the partnership:

1. A modern Digital Experience Platform focused on Microfrontends and widgets that accelerates digital transformation for financial institutions by integrating with their APIs and Microservices.

2. A headless content management system that provides a better way to centralize and push content across all digital channels.

3. Ten years of experience designing and building digital experience software for mission-critical public and private channels where millions of customers manage transactions.

Moving Forward

The reason why this partnership makes sense is that both MyPlanet and Modyo share a deep interest in designing and building better digital experiences for financial service customers. 

Both companies believe that there's still a lot of work to be done to help banking and insurance companies improve the way they deliver value through digital channels.

Modyo logo and Myplanet logo together

About Myplanet

Myplanet is a software studio and certified BCorp based in Toronto and with strong client presence in the US and UK. They work with the world’s most influential organizations to craft intelligent software that helps people get their jobs done.  

In 2009, Myplanet began as a small web development company focused on user experience design and open source technology. Today, their team of over 100 practitioners tackles mission-critical digital challenges that affect companies, their employees, and their customers.

About Modyo

Modyo is a company focused on building software to improve the digital experience. For over 10 years, Modyo has been working with large organizations across many industries, with specific focus on financial institutions. These organizations include the likes of Santander, Cinemark, Puma, and many more. 

We designed the Modyo Digital Experience Platform to provide tools and solutions to the challenges around building better digital experiences for customers. 

Modyo provides solutions for online banking and investment interface design and integration, headless content management, and intelligent user segmentation.