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Our guest for this episode is Kalle Bylin, our Product Engineer at Modyo in charge of two of our digital products, Customers and Insights

Kalle works closely with many companies to understand how they’re using data in the context of their digital products. He first approached data science as a discipline during his time at LATAM Airlines, which is one of the largest airline groups in the world. He then went on to become a machine learning and AI mentor at Udacity and served as an industry expert mentor for the online post-graduate program in artificial intelligence and machine learning by UT Austin and MIT’s Applied Data Science bootcamp. 

Kalle is an expert in data science and behavioral analytics for product development. During the conversation, we discuss the basics of what it takes to measure a product, and then go on to talk about themes such as qualitative versus quantitative data, data granularity, data interpretation pitfalls, different frameworks for data analysis, and how you can drive engagement of your digital products.

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Photo by Johannes Groll on Unsplash