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Our guest on this week’s episode of Insights From The Inside is José Antonio Silva, CTO, and co-founder of Modyo. Toño’s passion for software development has led to over 20 years of experience in server-side cloud technologies and the construction of digital tools for large organizations.

In this conversation, we cover different topics related to the importance of building solid digital experiences, what today’s digital customers need, and the challenges that companies face when becoming industry leaders through their digital transformation strategies.

Toño’s mission is about building better software that helps drastically improve how large companies can build, deploy, and manage their own digital products and services so that they’re more innovative and valuable.

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Insights from the Inside is a show that explores current technology trends related to the development of digital experiences and products all from the perspective of industry experts, insiders, and thought leaders.

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Photo by  Tobias Keller on  Unsplash .